Loose leaf tea, tisanes & juices

We serve loose leaf tea.

Tisanes (infusions) are made from fresh fruit, such as our lemon and ginger, made with root ginger and fresh lemons.

We prepare juices to order, again using fresh fruit and vegetables.

Loose Leaf

We serve loose leaf tea in pots that contain two cups. Our tea has been sourced over many years, and is of a comparable quality as our coffee beans.

  • Assam
  • Darjeeling
  • Earl Grey
  • Dales Brew (single estate Assam with hops)
  • Gunpowder green tea


Our most popular is lemon & ginger. We take plenty of root ginger and slices of lemon. Allow to infuse for at least three minutes.
Served in a French press. 


  • Lemon & ginger
  • Chamomile
  • Mint
  • Yurba Mate


We make juice to order.

To prevent oxidisation, no fruits or vegetables are pre prepared.


  • Apple and carrot
  • Carrot, cucumber & ginger
  • Apple, carrot & ginger
  • Apple or carrot on their own

Hot Chocolate: We make ours from pure, organic cocoa powder (Callebaut of Belgium). 

It is unsweetened which allows the customer to add sugar if required. It is suitable for diabetics. We can make it with either dairy or non dairy milk.