206 High Street, Bangor, Gwynedd

TEL :  01248 521 442


Open Tue-Fri  10:30 – 17:00  Sat 9.30 – 17:00

Discover our blend

Coffee for us, is more than just a drink,it is our love, our life. Over the years we have fine tuned a bespoke blend of:

● Peru “Quebrada Valley”
● El Salvador “El Shekina”
● India “Sethuraman”

The beans are then hand blended.

The roast strength is finely controlled, a light to medium roast is used.

In my opinion, it’s pointless using high quality beans, and then roasting them to such a degree that all you can taste is a bitter, burnt seed.

For milk based drinks, we texture the milk to a temperature just below 70c, these drinks are prepared to be drunk almost immediately. We do not scald the milk. The higher you take the temperature of milk, the more the sugars within the milk burn, and this greatly affects the flavour of the coffee.